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An Artisanal Bakery Offering Traditional, Gluten Free
and Vegan Baked Goods

We bake traditional (wheat flour) organic artisan pies, tarts, cookies, muffins and biscotti, as well as an assortment of vegan and gluten-free items. Owner Randell Dodge’s creations have been heralded in the New York Times, Martha Stewart Magazine, local publications and on the Martha Stewart Show. Randell is committed to baking with the freshest local and organic ingredients. Our seasonally appropriate baked goods, gluten-free selection and vegan selection are available in our store in Irvington NY, in select markets, and now online! Check out the delicious pies we’ll have available for Thanksgiving

Vegan Spiced Pecans

Vegan Spiced Pecans

Wonderful Texas pecan halves, vegan, roasted with pure organic Vermont maple syrup and spices. Yum!

Price: $ 25.00


Large Breakfast Cookie (5-Pack/Original)

large breakfast cookie 5-pack

The Large Breakfast Cookie 5-Pack contains over 3 pounds of morning goodness that will keep you going for a few weeks or keep your whole family going for days. Each 11-ounce Breakfast Cookie is made from all organic whole wheat flour, oatmeal, raisins, coconut, almonds, sunflower seeds, mango and papaya. The 5-pack includes 5 original large Breakfast Cookies at $7.00 each. Also available in a vegan/gluten-free version and Mediterranean Sunrise version. We suggest cutting the Large Breakfast Cookie into quarters and storing it within its bag. Under normal conditions this magical cookie will stay fresh for up to 3 weeks (without preservatives). See Full Sized Image

Price: $ 35.00